How to motivate team members

mw Motivation is the key to success.  A motivated and enthusiastic team can help the organization in overcoming hurdles that may appear difficult to cross.  Motivation also makes work fun.

It inspires people to take more challenges and reach new heights of personal and professional success.

To motivate the team, set goals or targets before them.  There needs to be a sense of purpose and direction of work.  Without a goal, the inclination to work hard gets lost.  It also makes an individual feel unimportant and worthless.

Delegate responsibilities to them.  Give them something challenging to work on.  Along with responsibility, also comes the authority to execute decisions.  Allow the team members the space to experiment with new styles of functioning.  Encourage new ideas and give an opportunity to the team to release their creative ability and intelligence.

Members need to feel worthy and valued as a part of the team.  Do not neglect any individual or sideline them.  Function as a team but recognize individual skills and qualities.  Communicate with members regularly.  Share a healthy rapport and bond with individuals, and the team as a whole.

Be open to receiving suggestions or grievances of the members.  Do not have an air of superiority or authority over the team.  Consult them in making decisions that will affect their work and professional life.

Giving incentives and bonus for work can also motivate workers.  Cash benefits, bonus along with paychecks, salary hike and performance rewards can also motivate employees.  Praise them for work well done.  Recognition of work and giving credit where it is due are also huge motivating factors for workers.

Accept individuals for what they are and utilize their uniqueness.  Delegate work in such a way that individuals get to use their potential, and find scope for professional growth.  Show your trust and faith in their capabilities, and assign them to interesting, new projects.  Have a genuine concern for them and be available to offer support and understanding during tough times.

Maintain a lively and cheerful working environment.


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