How to minimize travels for business meets?

bdl Internet is one means which has unified the world under one roof. There is no field which has not been affected by it. You can see the influence of internet on business, education, science, technology, health, medicine, fashion, media the list is endless.

As a business man you may have other core issues occupying top priority in your time table however attending business meetings prevent you from following your tight schedule. You can save much of your precious time, money and effort by holding meetings online.

You can prepare your presentations and share them with your business associates or eminent clients using the latest technology in the internet like web cam.


Step 1 – Search for web sites that offer online meeting facilities free of cost. One such site is

Step2 – Log on the above site and find the option which initiates the business meeting.

Step3 – click on the icon stating “Start meeting”

Step4 – Read through the terms and conditions mentioned on the web page that appears after you click on “Start meeting”. Choose the option for registration. This will lead to an online application form.

Step5 – Fill in the details carefully so as to avoid any errors or omissions. Cross check after you filled in the form to see whether you have furnished the relevant information as per the instructions. Then go ahead and submit it.

Step6 – Wait for a couple of minutes. The system takes some time to download and install the necessary program that will assist you with your online business meetings.

Step7- Once the installation has been done, you will be much at ease to convene a meeting as per your convenience with no travel arrangements to bother about. Now all you need to do is sit back, prepare impressive presentations and enjoy the meeting.

Bhrat Brij

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