How to manage your time

timee In this fast and competitive world, we need to squeeze in a lot of work in the shortest possible time.  The work loads (domestic and professional) are high and there seems to be an ever increasing demand for time.  It adds to stress and pressure.  To avoid the adverse effects on our physical and mental well being, we need to become good time managers.  

Any kind of management or strategy needs planning.  So plan your day or work in advance.  Make a list of work that needs to be done and set a deadline for the same.  Arrange the work across days and do not stuff a lot of work in a single day.  Prioritise work depending on its urgency and importance.  Do not procrastinate.

Make a ‘To Do’ list including all the work that needs to be done.  Draw up a schedule to complete it.  Stick to the schedule.  The key is to begin on time.  Once you get a certain momentum, you will proceed smoothly.  So make an effort and start on time.  Also plan the work to be done depending on your level of comfort, time suitable to you, level of concentration required etc.  Set realistic deadlines.  Know your capacity and strength.  Do not try to stuff in more than what you can do and feel upset about it later.  Pat yourself when you meet the schedule and motivate yourself to continue further.

Take short breaks and relax in frequent intervals.  Stop thinking constantly about the pending work and getting tensed about it.  Cut off from it for a while and recharge yourself with power naps or relaxation techniques.  Gauge your mood and energy levels and you can juggle the work in the schedule once in a while.

Review your ‘To Do’ list and strike off work that has been done.  It reduces the burden and generates a satisfaction of a work completed.

Keep time for yourself, your hobbies, exercises and family and friends.

Time management can initially seem taxing, since there could be resistance to follow a strict schedule.  However with practice, you will begin to enjoy the process and get more free time on your hands.


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