How to make your skin look younger?

yngr No matter what age group you belong to, the care that you give to your skin keeps its charm and youth preserved. You may keep the following hints in mind so that you can have a radiant skin that looks younger than your age. Always remember, its never too late.

Cleanse your skin regularly using a good cleanser.

There are a lot of cleansers available in the market, but be sure that you make the best choice that fits your skin type. There are cleansers for oily, dry and medium skins from which you can buy accordingly. Cleanse at least twice a day using your fingers in circular motion excluding the eyes.

Use eye make up remover if you have make up over eyes.

Eyes being the sensitive area use an eye make remover to clean that area. You may also go for a mild soap or baby oil if you are running out of an eye make up remover.

Moisturize your skin after cleansing.

After cleansing, a proper moisturizing is essential for all kinds of skin. It could give back the softness to your skin making your skin look younger. Apply moisturizer gently using your fingers and moving in circular motion.

Do not sleep with your make up on.

The first and the foremost thing to remember while you make up is that you should remove it as soon as its use is over. Before going to bed, be sure that you remove all your make up without fail using a good make up remover. Let your skin breathe easily and rest along with you.

Eat healthy

The last, but not the least…. Take balanced food with all vitamins and minerals included that can help your skin look younger. Go for fruits and vegetables in the raw form that is rich in fiber.


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