How to make your own website?

dwb Making of website is very important to rise in your online business.  Everyone who is planning to make money online needs to have an official website for the company so that people can come to know about it and they can make more profit through their online business.  In this article you will learn various easy ways through which you can create your own website.


Step one

The very first thing you need to do is to choose the product or service you wish to sell through your online business.  Even if you are not looking forward to sell any product then you will have to think about the kind of website you are looking to create.

Step two

You may have to get a file transfer protocol program.  There are many file transfer protocol programs available in the market and anyone out of them will work for you.

Step three

Open up your file transfer protocol program and go to your host server.  You will be required to fill your login name and password.

Step four

Use the website directory to which your webpage belongs.  You will get this information from your web ISP.  The address in the directory will be commonly in the form of /pub/www/username, pub/username, or /pub/username/www.  You will get all the instructions and information from your file transfer protocol program for how to use your directory.

Step five

Upload each page of your website as per the instructions given by the file transfer protocol program and the host server.

Step six

Select an ISP towards the website and investigate about various hosting services keeping in mind various features like accessibility, maximum space, terms of service and reputation.

Step seven

You can get several editors on the Internet for free and can download and select a web page editor for your website.

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