How To Make Your Home Healthy

hom How healthy is your home? Do you know 50% of all illness that we, our families, and our pets suffer is aggravated by the enclosed air in our homes and offices? Well, you may think that your home is clean as there is no foul smell or visible dirt about the place.

But do you really know what unhealthy chemicals, vapors, insects and termites are harming your home, health and the environment? Here are some tips you could take to make your home healthy.

1. The first step towards a healthy home is to de-clutter and get rid of all the junk that you have put away under your bed or in lofts.

2. Open up the windows and allow your home to be infused with natural light so that it does not become dingy and unhealthy. Make room for adequate cross ventilation.

3. Spring clean your home from top to bottom once every month. This must be besides the everyday vacuuming or mopping.

4. Call in pest control services if you notice pests like ants, white ants, cockroaches, etc frequenting your home.

5. Avoid carpet flooring if you or anyone in your family suffers from asthma, or if you have a pet. The carpet fur is not good for asthma patients. Pet fur mixing with carpet fur makes it inconvenient to clean. Carpets also harbor insects.

6. Do not leave any food exposed for long, as it will attract insects. Dispose off the trash daily.

7. Don’t go for thick, heavy curtains for your home as these attract dust. Choose thin sheer curtains or blinds instead, which are easier to clean.

8. Choose granite counter tops for your kitchen. Granite being non-porous and easy to clean, there is less chance of bacteria and germs breeding in them.

9. You must regularly change the water of water-based plants if you have any. Use mosquito screens and nets on your windows as well, to keep insects at bay.

10. Bathrooms, if not cleaned regularly can well be a breeding ground of germs. Besides basic cleaning of the bathroom, have your drains cleaned once a week.


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