How to make your child determined in life?

m Determination and Motivation

Every person needs motivation to keep moving forward. But it is the determination that will ensure that the goal is reached. Steps should be taken by parents to make their child more determined to reach their goals.

Make the child realize the most important lesson in life is that when defeat is staring at you, face it with open eyes and fight it. Even if we fail, we should be determined to dust ourselves off and come back.


Parents should be aware of the timing of criticism. If it is immediately after a defeat, it sure is going to leave lot of scars in the mind of the child. Pinpoint mistakes only after the child has calmed down if you want to leave an effect.

Making mistakes is part of life but insisting on repeating it is foolish. You should have the ability to make child realize the mistakes done by him or her and should allow them to come up with corrective measures.

Ability to praise

Even ‘small’ victories of the child should be praised to develop self esteem and confidence. Children will be always looking to their parents for support to excel in any field.

Support does not mean pumping large amounts of money to help the child reach goal. It is the mental support and comfort that is going to help your child to face any situation.

Lead the way

Make sure that parents show the way. Parents should not do something other than what they preach.  Parents are the role models for the child to emulate. Parents should communicate clearly their goals and when faced with a difficult situation should face it directly with determination. Parents should be organized, motivated, committed to their own cause for the child to follow those values in life.

In short, the making of determined persons is influenced a lot by the parents or other role models of the child. Teach your child to walk away from danger or defeat with their head held high, always aware that a second chance is around the corner. Teach them the dignity of effort and the sweetness of success that follows hard work.


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