How to make your bedroom perfect for sleeping

sl Most people know that lack of sleep makes them groggy and irritable the next day. Many, however, are not aware of the possible risk to health posed by disturbed sleep.

Sleep can be considered as the essential component of a long and healthy life, up there with a good diet and regular exercise.

It is your productivity; your safety and your health are at risk.
Sleep disorders can lead to obesity as it could drive down the growth hormone. Robbed of sleep your body can lose immune –response and your body will have trouble in fighting infection.

Decreased functionality is the side effect of losing sleep. A short nap for 30 minute can lead to an increase in alertness and getting good sleep will settle you emotionally and immunologically. The best way to begin is to set your bedroom.


Bedroom sounds should be low and consistent. Make sure that sleep will be continuous without sound affecting your sleep. Fragmented sleep is never going to do any good to your body. If the sounds cannot be avoided think of using ear plugs that will keep the sound out.


Use dark shades of curtains to block light coming inside the room which can be disturbing to your sleep. Use eye shades if there is bright light.


The ideal temperature inside the bedroom is between 18 to 21 degrees as hot temperature is found to induce nightmares and disturbed sleep. In certain circumstances, due to power failure we will be forced to open our windows and let in clear air that will be refreshing to our body and soul.


Illuminated alarm clocks should be kept hiding as you can avoid clock watching in night. Try making your bedroom clutter free as piles of paper can lead to stress.


Sleeping on your stomach can cause back pain and you should try sleeping on side or back. Pillows should be filled with feather or other material that adjusts to the contours and pressures of your body.


If you are sleeping with partner, sleep in large enough sized -bed size as you need space to turn freely. Relax before sleeping and leave your argument to rest before sleeping. Carrying negative thoughts to sleep will make it disturbed and only add to your problems.


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