How to make whipped coffee

whipped How do you whip your own special cup of coffee? Here’s how. For whipped coffee, make sure to get a generous amount of instant coffee powder. The quantity would be much more, than that for a coffee that is first brewed in water and sugar and milk added later on.

This is because for some reason, the more you whip your coffee, the flavor gets a little smoothened up, more on the creamy side and the strong flavor of the coffee is slightly mellowed down for some reason.

If you are making coffee for two persons, take 4 heaped spoonfuls of instant coffee mix in a bowl. If you already use this amount (for a stronger brew) then take more of the coffee powder. Ideally, it should be twice your usual coffee powder measure.

Next, add sugar, the quantity should be about one half times the usual measure. The bowl should be large and deep enough so that you can whisk the coffee easily. Now, just add two spoonfuls of water to this power. Start whipping this mix in circles using a spoon. Fix a direction, either go clock-wise or anti-clockwise. If possible, do not change the direction once you have started whisking in a particular style.

One you start whipping the coffee thus, you will notice that the mix with thicken. It will start appearing like cake batter. If the ‘batter’ if too thick and you are having a difficulty to move the spoon, cautiously add a spoonful of water. Be very careful with the water and always add by spoonfuls only, for controlled water content is very crucial to whipping up a good coffee.

The color of the ‘coffee batter’ will be dark brown when you first start whipping it. The sugar granules will slowly melt away and form a consistent paste with the coffee mix. You should keep on whipping till the ‘batter becomes light cream, very much on the whitish side, in color and is fluffy and almost more than doubled in volume.

Now, heat two cups of milk (or half milk, half water– whatever ratio you prefer). When it comes to boiled, slowly add the whipped coffee batter, mixing all the time, so see that all coffee gets mixed very well with the milk. You can enjoy a rich, creamy cup of coffee thus.


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