How to Make Thank You Cards

thankyoucard Thank you is a very simple word. But to someone it could mean more than thousand words. When you utter these words for any one dear it will definitely bring a smile on his or her lips. There are many ways to say thank you but the best way is perhaps with a thank you card. You can such a card in your home. Read on to find how.

Tools You Need

The things necessary to make a thank you card are easily available. You will not have to search too much for them. You will need a blank greeting card if you can’t get one then you can use an index card, stickers, color crayons, pens, and markers.

Making the Card

Your first step is to fold the index card so you get two different parts. In case of a blank greeting card it would be already folded. As the nest step you can paste various colorful stickers on one half of the card. You can use stickers with funny cartoon characters. You can create your own stickers as well. It is better to write the name of the receiver inside the card, as it will keep an element of surprise.

Instead of stickers you can also paint the outer part of the card with color crayons. After all you want to show the person how much you care and appreciate him or her. Let your creativity loose.

The final step is to write a message inside the card. Let the person know why you are thanking him or her. You can write a poem to convey your message. This will certainly make the person feel special. This finishes your preparing the card.

Placing the Card

Now place the card where you think it can be easily noticed. A dinner table is a good option. Place it there just before the food is going to be served. You can also put it by the side of his or her pillow. If the person lives out of station you can mail the card to him.

These simple cards and their messages have the power to make someone’s day memorable. So, don’t hesitate to say thank you and say it now.


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