How to make tangy mint-lemon cooler

clm Summer coolers are a great way to refresh yourself. One very refreshing summer drink is mint-lemon slush.

However, many a times we look for different recipes after we are bored of serving the same kinds of mocktails at parties and get-togethers.

Cool mint-lemon drink is certainly a very refreshing drink that one can try at such times. Here’s how you can make this tangy summer cooler at home. It is ideal even for parties.

Take 100 gm of fresh mint leaves. Remove the leaves and wash well. Grind these leaves in a mixer and add a cup of water. Strain this liquid using a very fine sieve.

You can alternatively use a piece of clean cloth also to strain the mint liquid. Mint leaves are special because they have a very delicate and relaxing flavor. The leaves also have a medicinal property and are known to be good for stomach.

They have a mild cooling property that soothes the stomach and relaxes it. For these reasons, the cool-mint lemon drink is not only good to taste, but also has a lot of health benefits.

Dissolve sugar in a cup of water over low flame. Now, add to this sugar syrup one liter of water. Next, add the juice of 10 lemons and the mint juice. Add salt and ground black pepper powder to taste. You can also use finely ground roast cumin seeds to this drink.

Before serving, fill the bottom of a tall glass with ice slush. Pour this mint drink over the ice slush. You can season with a leaf of two of fresh mint before serving. This drink also helps in digestion because of the mint content.

It soothes stomach and prepares it for digestion of heavy meal and food stuff that will follow in the party soon after. For all these reasons, this cool mint-lemon drink makes for a very good party mocktail.


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