How to Make Sweet Sago Pudding

skh Have you ever tried making any dish using sago? Sago can be used to make all kinds of amazing sweet as well as salty dishes. Find out how to make sweet sago pudding. This delicious dessert is also referred to as sabudana kheer in India. All those who love sweets and desserts will certainly love this dish.

Ingredients for Sago Pudding

In order to make sweet sago pudding you need to shop for the following ingredients. You require one cup of sago or sabudana, nuts such as cashew and almond, half cup of sugar, five cups of milk, one teaspoon of ghee, some raisins, and quarter teaspoon of cardamom powder.

Steps for Making Sago Pudding

Now here are the simple steps in which you can prepare this dish. First of all you have to soak the sago for about 15 minutes in water only if the sago seeds are very small. In case the sago seeds are very big then you have to soak the seeds for about five to six hours. This will ensure that the seeds become very soft. You can also soak them overnight, if it is possible. While buying sago check out the two types of seeds in the market and choose the variety that suits your needs.

Now take some ghee and heat it in a pan. Throw in the nuts and raisins. You have to gently shallow fry the dry fruits for a couple of minutes. Add the milk and allow it to boil for about fifteen minutes. Next you have to add the soaked sabudana to the milk. Let the seeds cook for some time until you can squeeze them with your fingers. Finally you have to add the sugar. Stir well until all the sugar granules dissolve. Mix cardamom powder and serve when it is hot. If you want to make the pudding thin then you can mix an extra cup of milk.


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