How To Make Skin Oil Free

oilfree Oily skin is a common problem and many women get extremely depressed because of it. Now if you know how to make skin oil free then you can let your woes disappear. In order to reduce facial oiliness, you do not have to grab hold of costly skin care products that claim to make oil vanish from your face. You can control the problem at home, using some natural products.

Choose Make Up color and Cleansers with Care

While choosing sunscreen or cosmetics, you should always buy oil-free variants. As far as make up is concerned, oil-free foundation is the best option for you. When selecting a facial cleanser, opt for something that is free from alcohol.

Tea Tree Oil for Reducing Oiliness

A good cleanser should have tea tree oil as a natural ingredient. Since ages people have been harping upon the benefits of tea tree oil for reducing oiliness. Tea tree oil acts by fighting bacteria that thrives mostly on oily skin. If your skin is oil-free then you will be less prone to pimples. It also helps in moisturizing and nourishing your skin.

Toners to Tighten Pores

You should use toners in order to tighten the pores. People with oily skin have open pores and it is very important to prevent excess secretion of oil. If you want a natural toner then you can opt for fresh cucumber juice. Rose water is also great for your skin and it leaves you feeling refreshed.

Face Packs for Oily Skin

With the help of face packs you can look dewy fresh. Prepare this face pack at home. Take some fuller’s earth and mix with some drops of rose water. Apply this pack on your face, keep for 10 minutes, and wash with cool water. Do this at least thrice a week and you will notice that your skin will not look greasy any more.

Eat a wholesome diet, including fresh fruits and green vegetables and you will have healthy skin.


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