How to Make Sandwich with Eggs

esw If you are feeling very hungry, you need something to make you feel recharged. If you become weak by living on a diet of salads and juices, you should eat something wholesome.

It is healthy and will give you an instant kick. Find out how to make sandwich with eggs and you will feel energized after enjoying it.

Ingredients for Sandwich with Eggs

You need two slices of brown bread, two big eggs, some freshly ground pepper, salt to taste, and one tablespoon of low fat mayonnaise, water, and one green onion. That is all you need to make this sandwich.

Recipe for Making Egg Sandwich

First of all you need to boil the eggs. To do this take a pot and add the eggs and egg marker to it. Pour water until the eggs get completely covered. Now let the water to boil for some time over high heat. Once it starts boiling reduce the heat to medium. You can allow the eggs to boils for about 12 minutes or just check the egg marker from time to time. Once they are done you have to carefully peel the eggs.

Before doing that throw away the hot water and add some cold water to the pot so that it immerses the eggs. Wait for about five minutes and after that start peeling. Next you have to rinse the eggs to make sure that there is no piece of shell.

You start mashing the eggs by using a potato masher or with a fork. Now add some pepper and salt to taste. Next you have to mix the mayonnaise. Slice the green onion finely and mix it along with the egg mixture. Take the two slices of brown bread and then spread this egg mixture uniformly on one slice. Place another slice on top and your sandwich is ready. You can also add some lettuce leaves between the slices, if you want a crunchy taste.


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