How to Make Sago Chapattis

scp In many places in India, people love to have chapattis for lunch and even dinner. A chapatti is a kind of flattened bread made by using wheat flour.

The flours of other cereals are also used for making chapattis. Find out how to make sago chapattis and you will love the delicious taste. This dish is simple and very tasty at the same time.

Ingredients for Sago Chapattis

If you want to make sago chapattis then you need two cups of sago seeds, two to three green chilies, two tablespoons of peanut powder, half cup of coriander leaves, one potato, one teaspoon of oil, some butter or ghee for frying, and salt to taste.


Firstly, you have to wash the sago seeds well under flowing water. There should not be any powder-like material on the seeds. Throw away the excess water. Now let the seeds soak water for about five to six hours. You can also soak the seeds overnight. Finely chop the chilies and coriander leaves. Grate the potatoes and keep aside.

Directions for Making Sago Chapattis

Take a wok and dry roast the peanuts. Don’t use any oil for roasting. While grinding the seeds coarsely, make sure that you don’t throw away the peels. Mix together finely chopped green chilies, peanut powder, grated potato, coriander leaves, one teaspoon of sugar, and salt. Knead well to get soft dough. If the dough sticks to your fingers and hands then you can add a little amount of oil. This will get rid of the problem.

Make a small ball out of the dough. Carefully flatten it on the surface of a flat fry pan with the help of your finger tips. You will not be able to flatten it will a rolling pin because it is too soft. Now you need to add some oil and let it cook over medium heat.

Flip the chapatti just like an omelet and cook the other side. Add some more oil if it sticks to the fry pan. You should make sure that both the sides are cooked properly. When the chapatti is cooked it will look golden brown. Enjoy it with mango pickle or mint chutney.


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