How To Make Rose Moisturizing Cream at Home

rosefacecream Homemade Moisturizing Cream? Yeah…that’s right! We’ve included a great homemade recipe for you to make a natural rose cream for all day use. It’s going to be fun to mix together all-natural beauty products in the comfort of your own home and come up with an excellent cream for daily use. Not to mention, this f is not only as effective as high-end store-bought cosmetic creams, but also much more economical and environmentally safe.

Here’s how you can make this homemade rose moisturizing cream and use it everyday as part of your skincare routine.

The ingredients that you’ll need to make a rose cream for day use include:
1. 10-20 drops of Fresh Rose Petal extract
2. 1 tsp. Borax dissolved in 4 fl. oz. Rosewater
3. 6 fl. Oz almond oil
4. 1 tsp anhydrous lanolin
5. 15-20 drops of rose oil
6. 2 oz. Beeswax
7. 2 tsp. Zinc Oxide and 4 fl. oz. Almond oil blended into a smooth cream


Step 1: Heat the beeswax and lanolin carefully in a water bath, making sure that the wax does not burn or boil.

Step 2: Remove the mixture from the heat and pour the almond oil into it.

Step 3: Stir in the zinc-oxide-almond oil cream while beating continuosly.

Step 4: Pour the borax rosewater and fresh Rose Petal extract to the mixture and beat well until it turns cool.

Step 5: Add enough rose oil to scent the cream as you want. Beat the mixture with a wooden spoon until it cools off.

Step 6: Pour the cream into cream jars and leave aside to solidify.

Your rose moisturizing cream is ready to use. Apply daily onto face, hands and throat. The cream is excellent for day use, and serves as a moisturizer to be used under makeup as well.

The natural ingredients used here benefit the skin immensely. While rose water is a gentle astringent that helps tighten the skin, almond oil replaces necessary body oils. Lanolin softens and soothen the skin, while zinc oxide acts as curative for reddened, sore or irritated skin.

Note: Do a patch test on a small area of your skin before using this cream on daily basis.


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