How to make rooftop garden

rooftop With the growing amount of residential buildings across all big cities causing huge amount of heat. Urban population has already forgotten the concept of gardening. Maximum people in urban areas stay in residential apartments. These buildings in maximum times do not leave much space in ground for gardening. It is an excellent idea in this case in Green Roof or Rooftop garden.

Rooftop garden is not a new concept. The concept started in late eighties in Germany. Now it is a very well known concept in all over the world. But it is not very common phenomenon yet. It is not common because the cost and effort required initially a bit on the higher side. Also the builders may not be eager to spend few extra grand for rooftop gardening. But there are so many strong points in favour of green roof that if told before everybody would have agreed to spend a bit more for it.

To go ahead with rooftop gardening you need to take care of certain important factors.

Get an architect to check

The most important thing before you start with green roof, call a professional architect for checking the strength of your building. Your building may not be strong enough to take the extra load of rooftop garden.

Call a professional and make a replica first

It is better to call a professional for your green roof. Professional can guide you better to make a good green roof. You may not have quite a good idea about the quality of soil required, type of plants suitable for rooftop garden, type of grass suitable for roof top garden etc. Tell the professional to make a scaled replica of the garden. You will get a fair amount of idea about the would be green roof.

Decide on type of flowers, plants you want

The type of plant you want to grow always depends on the weather in that region. But in general the roof is more airy than ground and also it is more exposed to direct sun and cold. So the plants should be able to live in a bit draught situation and these should be low height plants.

Plan for watering facility and wind breaker

As rooftop gardens require huge amount water, you need to make provision for extra water and automatic watering system. Also due to quite a good wind in the roof, you may require wind breaker to protect your plants.


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