How to make risotto

rissotto Many of us love to eat items made out of rice but after a certain time, we rue that there are not so many variants of recipes. Fried rice is an excellent dish, but after a certain time you feel you want to try something different. Then, why not try risotto. Risotto is an Italian dish made out of rice and vegetables.

It is not only tasty, but is extremely nutritious with the rich content of lots of fresh vegetables. To make yourself a rich risotto, you need two cups (about 100 gm) of rice. You will also need about two table spoons of olive oil. For seasoning, take freshly ground pepper and oregano.

Wash the rice well and soak it in water for sometime. Take 200 gm of fresh cauliflower. Cut it into medium-sized florets. Next, cut about 50 gms of french beans into inch-long pieces. Also dice a carrot to small cubes. Shed a quarter piece of a cabbage. Slice two small onions and cut five garlic cloves into halves.

In a heavy-bottomed pan, heat the olive oil. When it is hot enough, add ground pepper powder. Next, add garlic. Sauté well. After a minute, add onion slices. Next, add carrots, beans, cauliflower. Sauté all these ingredients well. Now, if you feel the oil is a little less, add a little extra oil before you add the rice.

Before using the rice, do not forget to drain the extra water. Add the rice to the vegetables and sauté well for 10 minutes. Now, add enough water so as to cover all the vegetables and rice. The level of water should be at least one inch above the layer of rice and vegetables. Cover the vessel and stir every five minutes.

Risotto is characterized by extremely well cooked rice, in which the rice grains are almost smashed up and mixed completely with the vegetables to form a thick broth. It is an excellent comfort food. The cooking will take about 20 minutes. Once the rice is tender, you can even add grated cheese and season with oregano before serving. Serve hot.


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