How to make rich Mango-shake

mangoshake Summer is the time of mangoes. Popular as the king of fruits in many parts of the world, mango doesn’t fail to delight people, season after season. So rich and delicious is the taste of ripe mango that no one can resist the charm on biting into a sweet, juicy slice of the famed fruit.

Come summer and everyone rushes to the market to get hold of the best possible varieties of mango they can get. There are many recipes that can be prepared using mangoes, both in the raw, as well as the sweet and juicy ripe form.

While ripe mango is great for desserts, tangy, extremely sour green mango also has its own uses in flavoring spicy gravies. Here, we will discuss how to make rich, dreamy mango shake. It is full of nutrients and is a very clever way to get your children down a glass of milk without any resistance. It can also be served in parties. Mango shake will indeed be a sure winner when served in hot summer parties, or when served as a dessert after a sumptuous meal.

To serve six (a serving of 200 ml each) you will require the following: a litre of milk, 4 cups of plain vanilla ice-cream, 5 ripe, sweet mangoes, preferably of Alphonso variety, 5 tablespoons of sugar.

Peel the mangoes and cut into small cubes. Grind the mango cubes in a mixer with sugar. Next, once the mango pulp is ready, blend with vanilla ice-cream. Slowly add this mango pulp to 200 ml of milk. Blend well using a hand-mixer. Now, add this drink to the entire milk.

Use a very big vessel to blend the milk all at once. Refrigerate for at least two hours. Before serving, blend using a hand mixer again. Serve with a tablespoon of vanilla ice-cream and some cubes of cut mango.


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