How to make people like you

plo Everybody likes to feel wanted, loved, valued and cherished.  It gives us a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, when we feel needed and wanted. 

It causes upset and disappointment to know that we are an object of dislike or not welcome among people with whom we would like to be friendly.  The feeling of rejection reduces confidence, self worth and esteem.

To make people like you, there are certain ways you can follow.  However, remember that you cannot please everyone and there may be cases where people may not be particularly fond to you.  Accept it as a natural thing and do not let it affect your positive opinion about yourself.  Do not stretch yourself too much to be on everybody’s good books.

People generally take a liking towards others who are well kept, who are pleasant and cheerful, who have a good sense of humour and come across as a genuine and sincere person.  Try to imbibe these qualities in yourself.

Take an interest in the way you appear and your personality.  Personality and grooming create an impression about you.  This is not to say that you need to be stylish and glamorous.  Be pleasant and well dressed.  Your style and manner should not be revolting to others; nor should it be such that it makes people feel inferior about themselves.

Be cheerful and humorous.  Enjoy your life and make others’ life enjoyable.  Be happy and make others happy.  Be sensitive to people and their needs.  Have an unbiased and unprejudiced mind.  Do not be quick to pass judgments or criticize others.  Have patience and accept people the way they are.

Be an active and energetic person.  Display interest and enthusiasm when you meet people.  Show a sincere inclination to know about them and their family.  Join them for picnics, movies or at any occasion when they do not have company.

Make them feel special by doing something creative for them, by sending warm and friendly messages etc.  Show your care and love for them so that they feel valued and needed too.  It will only make them like you more.


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