How to make Orange Ice-tea

oit In these hot summer months, we often rely a lot on aerated drinks to quench our thirst and feel refreshed. However, aerated drinks have a very high amount of sugar content and so prolonged, excessive reliance on aerated soft drinks can lead to sudden weight gain in summer months.

It is best to use these drinks sparsely. However, since in summer the body loses a lot of moisture and so there is high risk of dehydration, one must supplement sugar, salt and water to the body from time to time to make up for the loss of electrolytes through sweating.

Iced-tea is an excellent way to beat the heat. Moreover, due to the chemical agents called tannins that a cup of tea has, it instantly invigorates the nerves and makes you feel alert and rejuvenated. For this reason, iced-tea is not just a good idea to feel refreshed, but it also helps to instantly pep you up and stop you from feeling lethargic. While many people who are addicted to tea avoid the brew when it gets too hot, this way of drinking tea is definitely welcome to most tea aficionados.

Refreshing orange-ice-tea recipe

Boil a litre of water mixed with 6 tablespoons of crystallized sugar in a large vessel. When it just starts boiling, add two tablespoons of Darjeeling tea in the water. Cover the vessel. After exactly thirty seconds, switch off the gas. Keep the vessel covered for another two minutes.

Precisely after two minutes, drain the tea in another vessel and allow to cool. Now, take the juice of three oranges. Strain well to remove any seeds or rind. Add this orange juice to the cooled tea. Add the juice of half a lemon. Refrigerate. Before serving, transfer the iced-tea in a large glass flask. You may serve with crushed, fresh mint leaves.


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