How to Make Nail Polish Stay Longer

The best way to make your hands look attractive is to put a perfect tone of nail polish on your nails. However, just applying right shade of polish is not enough. There are other things also you need to take care of. For instance, you need to ensure that the shade you are applying on your nails stay longer on your nails. If you want to know how to make nail polish stay longer, go through the following important points given below.

Pick up a good quality polish:
You may be tempted to buy a cheap nail polish to increase the number of shades you have in store. But always remember, quality matters most than quantity. If the product is not good, you cannot fulfill your purpose for which the purchase has been made. It is found that cheap nail polish cannot stay on longer than the good quality or branded polish. So if you want your polish to last longer, then do go for the good brands. Also, you can look for good quality top coat.

Put on thin coats:
You should put thin layers of nail polish on your nails. As the thick layers tend to chip off soon and thereby make nails unattractive, so it is always better to take special care at this stage of application.

Apply top coat:
It is better to apply a top coat on your nails. The top coat provides a shiny look to your nails. Besides, it also helps nail polish stay longer through the whole day work.

There are some more points you should keep in mind while applying nail polish on your nails. It is recommended that you should clean your hands and remove the old nail enamel through a polish remover. The nail polish remover not only takes off the oil from your nail but also makes polish stay longer. Remember, if you want to apply more than one coat then let the first coat dry completely. And once it is done, you can put a top coat on it to ensure longevity.


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