How to make minced mutton kebabs

mmb There are some recipes which though take some amount of preparation, are indeed well worth the effort. Minced mutton balls fall into such a category. These require some tedious preparation, but are a delicious, mouth watering treat.

They are certainly a big hit in parties and celebrations and find many an enthusiastic takers. These are ideal as starters too. Called kebabs in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, these mean small deep-fried meat balls that are made from variety of ingredients.

The slight change in the ingredients, along with different cooking styles gives these kebabs a distinct taste.

Here is how you can make delicious minced mutton balls.

Take one kg of minced mutton. Clean well and marinate with grated raw papaya and juice of one lime for an hour. Now, run this minced mutton through a mixer. Next, boil this finely ground mutton in very little water.

While boiling, put in whole spices like a 2 inch long stick of cinnamon, a few cardamoms, black pepper, cloves wound in a clean cloth, and some bay leaves. After the minced mutton is cooked (which should take at least half an hour depending on the quality of mutton) remove the whole spices. Allow to cool.

Soak a handful of chickpeas in water for an hour. Cut two large onions into fine pieces. Slice 8 garlic and a one-inch piece of ginger. When the minced mutton has cooled down, grind it once again with onion, garlic and chickpeas.

Add a chilli powder, salt and turmeric to taste before grinding. If the quantity of mutton is large, you will have to divide the mutton into two or three portions and then grind by turn.

Keep this mutton paste in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Next make small balls out of this minced mutton and deep fry. Serve hot with tomato ketchup of mint chutney


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