How to make lemonade

flo Summers are the times when everyone’s energy levels are down. With the mercury rising, our body loses a lot of water and if proper care is not taken, one can easily slip into a state of dehydration. Dehydration means your body has lower than the requisite amount of water content to carry out the metabolic  processes at its regular pace.

In children, the fear of dehydration is especially more pronounced as they are often out playing in the sun. To beat the heat and to keep fit when the temperatures are soaring, you need to drink an adequate amount of liquids at regular intervals. And what better way to refresh yourself on a hot summer day, than to drink a glass of cool, freshly made lemonade?

People have relied on this simple, tangy drink for the instant freshness it provides.  Moreover, it has sugar and salt and so can help revive energy instantly. In case someone has suffered from a sudden sugar loss, or low blood pressure, a glass of lemonade will instantly make him feel a little better. To make a pitcher of fresh lemonade (one liter) here’s what you will need.

Take juice of five fresh lemons, eight tablespoons of crystallized sugar and a spoonful of salt to taste. In a heavy bottomed pan, take a cup of water and put it on heat. Add sugar and stir constantly. Do not burn the sugar. Your aim is to just dissolve the sugar faster. Once the sugar is dissolved, switch of the gas and cool.

Add a liter of water to this sugar syrup. Add salt. Now, add the juice of five lemons. Mix well. If you feel that the taste is not tangy enough, you can add more lemon juice and a corresponding amount of sugar to suit your taste. Refrigerate and serve chilled.


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