How to make lemon-sugar syrup

lemonsyrup While lemonades prove to be an excellent summer drink, it is sometimes tedious to make a fresh drink each single time. However, there’s an easy way out. You can make your homemade lemon-sugar syrup. This syrup can be used with chilled water and provide an instant relief from hot weather.

What’s more, you can adjust the sugar level too, if you are weight conscious. In any case, making this lemon-syrup concentrate will come handy in case you need to whip up a cool summer drink immediately but do not have the energy to undergo the entire rigmarole of the tedious process.

Here’s recipe what you need to do to make your own lemon sugar concentrate.

Take 250 gm of crystallized sugar. In a heavy bottomed vessel, heat 150 ml water. Add the sugar and stir continuously. You must make rich, thick sugar syrup. You must not burn the sugar and for this, you must keep stirring continuously. The syrup should form a thin thread when you pull a spoon out of the sugar syrup. When the syrup makes such a thread (check by pulling a spoon out of the vessel, the ‘sugar syrup thread’ should not break half-way).

When the syrup attains a honey-like consistency, switch off the gas. Allow the syrup to cool thoroughly. Now, take about 20 lemons. Collect its juice. Strain if necessary to remove all the seeds and the rind. Mix this lemon juice to the sugar syrup. Add salt to taste. Clean a glass jar with soap water. Do not wipe, but let it air-dry. Transfer the syrup into a completely dry, clean glass jar.

Now, put this jar in direct sunlight for two days. Bring it in every evening though. Your lemon syrup will change color after you keep it in the sun. After two days, bring the jar inside and let it stay at room temperature for an hour before refrigerating it. This syrup will last for at least a month. Mix a tablespoon of it with chilled water to make instant, home-made lemonade.


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