How to Make Kids Watch Less TV

kwt Do you find your kids waking up in the morning and grabbing the remote control? They are kids and thus they don’t understand that watching television can be bad for health, especially for young people.

Ideally your kids should view television or play computer games only for two hours in a day. If they exceed this time then it is a matter of concern and you should know how to make kids watch less TV.

Effects of Watching TV

If your kids watch television for more than two hours everyday then they can suffer from various behavioral problems such as anxiety and depression, obesity, disturbed sleep, or bad performance in studies.

They can also become lazy and inactive by sitting in the same position for hours. Instead of sitting in front of the idiot box they should be playing and taking part in creative activities.

Ways to Cut down Television Watching Time

Here are some ways to cut down television watching time. Firstly you should monitor how much time your kid spends in front of the television and then try to reduce the time.

You should not keep your computer or television in your bedroom as that not only makes your kids watch more of television programs but also disturbs their sleep.

Make your kids do their homework during a set time everyday. After returning from school, you should make sure that your kids get good rest before doing their home work. Engage them in art and craft projects, which they like. Then they will not be tempted to watch television.

You should never keep the television switched on if you are not watching it. If you want to prevent your kids from getting addicted to television then you have to sacrifice your desire to watch it for hours. Be a role model for your kids and they will surely follow your steps.


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