How to Make Herbal Tea

herbaltea It is well known since ages that herbs are of great medicinal value. One of the common and popular ways to benefit from the medicinal qualities of herbs is through tea consumption.

In the traditional herbal recipes, one teaspoon of dried herbs or two tablespoons fresh herb to one cup of water is the used ratio. It is quite easy to prepare herbal tea. There are many ways of brewing herbs while preparing tea.

To retain the medicinal value, always cover it while it seeps during preparation. To make herbal tea, pour boiling water over herbs and let it seep for a definite time. The herbs should be placed in a non-metal container with a lid.

The time allowed to seep differs for different herbs. Some of the herbs require little time as it can become bitter if allowed to seep for long. Others may require more time to extract the medicinal compounds out of them. Strain the herbs before serving the tea.

You can also serve it with a squeeze of lemon or some honey to enhance the taste. Another way to prepare herbal tea is to heat the herb and water in a pan. Take it off the heat as it starts boiling. Strain and serve.

There are few widely used varieties of herbs to make tea. Chamomile is the most popular herb for tea because of its versatility. This herb is very easy to cultivate and the white flowers grown are used for teas. It is useful in menstrual cramps, digestive problems, fever, cold &congestions, headaches, insomnia, and general stress.

Anise is another easy to grow herb and is used for digestion relation problems, cold and congestion.  Lemongrass is also a versatile herb that can be grown in your kitchen garden. It is useful in lowering cholesterol levels. Mint is a popular and fast growing herb. It has a great medicinal value for digestive problems.


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