How to Make Hair Shiny and Strong

hsh If you want to flaunt healthy hair then you have to ensure that each strand of hair is strong from the root. Instead of shampooing your hair too often you can try using home made hair packs or natural concoctions for massaging the scalp. You should learn how to make hair shiny and strong by using natural ingredients.

Natural Hair Care Tips

Here are natural hair care tips that will make your hair better, strong, and soft. Boil some tea leaves in water and strain the solution. If you wash your hair with this solution then your hair will no longer look dull but it will shine.

Natural Hair Conditioners

Take two tea spoons of butter and warm it. Once the butter melts, mix it with one teaspoon of olive oil. Use this solution for massaging your hair. After about half an hour you can wash your hair with a mild shampoo. It will help in conditioning your hair and in making it ultra silky.

Henna Power

If you want to add some color to your hair while conditioning it then the best solution is to apply a henna hair pack. You can make this pack by mixing together henna powder, yogurt, and lemon juice.

If you want to make your hair bouncy and look thicker then you can also beat in two eggs into the henna mixture. You can also apply plain whipped eggs directly on your hair if is too dry and rough.

How to Prevent Hair Fall

Is excessive hair fall bothering you? You need to search your kitchen for fenugreek seeds. You have to soak the seeds in mustard oil, throughout the night,. Next day, boil the seeds in the oil. Then cool the oil, strain, and store in a bottle. If you apply this hair oil then not only will your hair loss reduce but it will also prevent premature graying.


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