How to Make fudge in mere 5 minutes!

A chocolate topping makes the food more delicious and tasty. I guess everyone in this world loves to eat chocolates. I have never known any one around me who dislikes chocolates. One may do not like eating it in excess and all the time but most of us like binging on cakes and puddings filled with chocolates all the time. They make excellent and savory desserts.

Chocolates may have high calorific value and may resist some to eat it. But the calories in chocolate depend upon the amount of sugar present in it. You can choose the kind of chocolate you want depending on your cooking or eating needs. The cooking chocolates differ from the eating chocolates which have more sugar content and low coco content. If you prefer to stay slim and avoid the sugary chocolates to raise your weight than you can actually switch to chocolates with high coco content which are often called as dark chocolates. Make sure before purchasing them you read the quantity of sugar present in it and the amount of calories your bar contains.

You can make mouth watering recipe with the help of this powerful antioxidant containing piece of magic and entice or attract people towards your cooking or even you!!!

•    You need to have three ready to consume or eat jello sugar less bars
Or jello dark chocolate
•    16-17 ounces of low sugar content vanilla syrup
•    1/1 to 1 cup full of nuts of your choice.
•    1 table spoon of cocoa powder ( unsweetened)
•    Flour  1 cup


Take all the ingredients and mix them together in a bowl. Preferable choose a glass bowl which is oven safe and transfer the mixture to it.


Now place the container inside the oven and heat it to 150F and cook for half an hour


Just use the knife and insert it inside to see if the cake is fully baked.

Step 4

Let the mixture freeze in the refrigerator for 3 hours without covering the top. Just take out the fudge before serving it for ten minutes. You can serve the fudge with heating it for half a minute and serving melted fudge or can serve the cold treat as per your choice.

Bhrat Brij

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