How to make easy tiffin items for children

htit Most parents are very busy these days. With kids around, their hush and rush increases manifold in the morning time. Many working parents have to reach office early in the morning, be it for breakfast meetings, or to go and read some files to prepare for a meeting later on.

With such professional tensions, when the school-time of children is also early in the morning, there is bound to be a lot of rush in the household. Whipping up a wholesome breakfast or packing a healthy, appealing tiffin item for children to take to school often poses a dilemma to working mothers.

There are some very easy to make items that can be used as a quick-fix either for breakfast, or as a simple, but wholesome food for the child’s tiffin.

Cheese sandwiches: You can use either cheese cubes or cheese slices to make a quick cheese sandwich. Using a cheese slice makes the task quicker though. Use brown bread to add to the nutritional value.

Boiled eggs: If you stay in cold climate, then boiled eggs is an excellent tiffin item. Hard boil the eggs but do not remove the shell. Allow to cool before packing them in the lunch box. Give salt and pepper in a separate container. You can even pack some tomato ketchup in a small plastic container.

Fruits: Giving fruits like bananas, oranges or apples to children to take to school is not only a very easy thing to do, but it is also highly nutritious. This can develop the kid’s liking to fruits and thus guide him on a path of nutritious, healthy foods in the future.

Health biscuits: Once in a while, when you do not have the time to make something special, it also makes sense to hand a packet of healthy biscuits made from oats to children rushing to school. This will prove to be a good snack item and will certainly ease their hunger pangs in a healthy way.


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