How to Make Delicious Peach Crumble

peach Do you want to surprise your husband this evening after he returns from work? Find out how to make delicious peach crumble and you will surely make his day.

Recipe for Peach Crumble

In order to make peach crumble you need about eight ripe peaches, quarter teaspoon of ground nutmeg, half cup of whole-wheat flour, one-third teaspoon of ground cinnamon, two tablespoons of trans-free margarine, quarter cup of fast cooking oats, quarter cup of dark brown sugar, and juice from 1 whole lemon.

You can also use whole-meal flour and make sure that you cut the margarine into thin slices. Before you begin you need to peel, pit and then slice the peaches for the crumble. For making this dish you should buy freestone peaches from the market because they will save your time.

If you select clingstone peaches then you should know that the pulp adheres tightly to the pit and it is difficult to pit them. On the other hand, you can easily take out the pits from freestone peaches and slice them.

Method of Baking Peach Crumble

Now it is time to wear your apron and start preparing the yummy dessert. The first thing that you need to do is preheat your oven to about 375 F. In the mean time, you need to coat a pie pan very lightly with some cooking spray. Make sure that you choose a nine-inch pan. In your prepared pie dish you have to arrange the peach slices in a nice way. Drizzle some lemon juice from top and sprinkle the ground cinnamon and nutmeg for rich flavor.

Take a small bowl and beat very well the brown sugar and flour. Now mix the margarine slices into the flour mixture with your fingers. Stir in the oats so that you get a good mixture. Arrange this flour mixture over the peaches. Bake nicely until the top of the crumble becomes brown and the peaches become tender.


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