How to make delicious egg curry

eggcurry Eggs are an all-time favorite item and make for a wholesome meal. These are a very good source of protein. Eggs are the best possible healthy foods that one can land his hands on. What’s more, making eggs is a children’s job. While you can have eggs in a large variety, and may be regularly having eggs for breakfast, in the form of boiled eggs or omelets, there are also several other interesting way of making wholesome dishes using eggs.

One simple recipe is spicy egg curry. It is very delicious and what’s more, it can be cooked up in no time. This recipe serves four people. It can be made in less than 20 minutes and makes for a very filling meal. Here is how you can make spicy egg curry.

First, hard boil four eggs. The list of ingredients is fairly simple. All you need is tomatoes, onions, fennel seeds and ground pepper. You must chop one onion into fine pieces. Next, chop five cloves of garlic and cut one inch of ginger into very fine pieces. You can even grate the ginger. Cut two medium sized tomatoes into small pieces. Grind the tomatoes in a mixer to form fresh puree. Slit two green chillies length wise. You must use fennel seeds in this recipe.

Heat oil in a pan. Next, add about 1 teaspoonful of fennel seeds. When the fennel begins to pop, add ginger and garlic. Sauté well for 2-3 minutes. After garlic turns light brown, add onions. Sauté well for another five minutes. When onions get pink and transparent, add tomato puree. Cook the tomato puree well by covering the pan for five minutes. Now, make slits of the boiled eggs and gently put them into the gravy. Add salt and ground black pepper to taste. Serve hot with bread and butter.


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