How to make Curd at Home

Curd is a very healthy and tasty milk product. Though curd is hugely popular in the south Indian states, it is also famous in other parts of the world. Curd can be used a tasty side dish with rice and bread too. Some people also love to have curd alone, without any other food. However, homemade curd and the curd available in the market are different. Obviously, the homemade one is much healthier and tastier. Once you have the homemade curd, you will never want to have anything else. So, learn how to prepare curd at home easily.

First you need to boil 1 litter of milk in a pan. When the milk is boiled, turn of the oven and keep it aside for sometime to cool down.

Then take the cream out from the upper layer of the milk. The creamy layer of the milk is not suggested to use in curd, because it affects the taste. Now you have to warm the milk a little (not much) in a bowl.

When the milk is only lukewarm, put 1-2 teaspoons of old curd (that you had at home or bought from market) in the milk. Mix the curd well into the milk. Stir it for sometime and leave the milk bowl in a warm place. Leave it for 5-6 hours or you can also leave it for overnight. In the morning you will get one full bowl of curd. Before you have it, put the bowl of curd in the refrigerator to get a better result.

If it is winter, it may take more time. In cold weather, curd doesn’t get easily coagulated. In that case you have to cover the bowl of milk with something woolen or warm material. You can also keep the bowl within a casserole. A warm and cozy place is required for making curd better.


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