How to make creamy coffee with ice-cream

ccof What’s better than catching up over a cup of coffee? With the summers soaring high, a glass of creamy cold coffee sounds just right.

While you can go to your favorite café to have your shot of caffeine, you can also make a rich, delicious cup of creamy cold coffee at home.

Add a dollop of ice-cream before serving and lo! You have your own special treat ready in no time. Here’s how you must go about making cold coffee.

For two servings, take 4 heaped spoonfuls of instant coffee mix in a bowl. When whipping coffee (unlike directly brewing it in hot water) you must be generous with the amount of instant coffee powder.

The reason is when you whip the coffee; the flavor gets slightly mellowed down. Take more instant coffee powder than you would usually do to brew in hot water. Ideally, you should take twice your usual coffee powder measure.

Next, add 6 tablespoons of sugar. The bowl should be large and deep enough so that you can whisk the coffee easily. Now, just add two spoonfuls of water to this powder. Start whipping this mix in circles using a spoon.

Either go clock-wise or anti-clockwise. Slowly, the mix will thicken, sugar crystals will melt and the mix will start appearing like cake batter. Keep on whipping till the ‘batter becomes light cream, very much on the whitish side, in color and is fluffy and almost more than doubled in volume.

Now, add this whipped coffee to one large glass of milk (about 200 ml) in a deep container. Add a serving of vanilla ice-cream. Add 1 tablespoon of coffee and whip using a hand mixer. Slowly add another glass of milk and whip till the milk is frothy.

Add another dollop of vanilla ice-cream before serving. You can serve it right away. If you have time on hands, put the whipped coffee in deep freezer for an hour and then whip with the hand mixer again. This will make it appear more rich and creamy.


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