How to make cool mango drink

cmd It is very important to drink a lot of fluids in summer. Due to the extreme heat, the body is constantly losing moisture. If it is not replenished adequately, then the body can very easily go into a state of dehydration.

The metabolic processes then slow down and you feel drained. There is a sudden energy loss and fatigue at such times. Summers are especially harmful for those who suffer from high-blood pressure and cardiac ailments. To keep yourself fit in summer, you must drink water from time to time.

However, just water is not enough, for the body also needs an adequate amount of electrolytes to keep functioning at its optimum level. It is at these times, when the role of fresh fruit drinks comes in.

In summer time, one should consume a lot of fresh fruit juices so as to supply the body the much-needed sugar and salt. This will help maintain the blood glucose levels and keep you from feeling tired in the hot summer months. Here’s a very simple recipe to make a tangy, delicious fruit drink using raw mango.

Take three large raw mangoes. Peel the skin and cut into large cubes. Discard the central seed. Now, boil these cubes in two cups of water till tender. Remove from gas and allow it to cool. When the boiled mango is sufficiently cooled, add eight tablespoons of crystallized sugar. Grind these cubes and sugar in a mixer to form a smooth pulp. Add salt to taste

Now, take a teaspoonful of cumin seeds. Lightly roast them and then grind to a fine powder. In case you do not have cumin seeds, you can also make use of freshly ground black pepper. Mix this roast-cumin powder, or pepper powder to the mango pulp. Use a tablespoon of pulp to make a glass of fresh mango drink by adding a glass of water to the pulp. You can even store the mango pulp for two-three days when refrigerated in a clean glass jar.


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