How to Make Cold Coffee

ccf Cold coffee is much more refreshing than its hot counterpart, especially during the summer afternoons when the outside is really hot. It not only cools your body but, also refreshes you by kicking off your tiredness in a hot afternoon.

So, why should you wait for a cup of cold coffee until you visit a restaurant? Why not make it at your home? The recipe of preparing cold coffee is a very simple and you can easily make it at home in a minute’s time. Here is a very simple recipe of cold coffee discussed below. Check out the recipe and try it at home to make your family members feel special.

1. The ingredients you will need to prepare the cold coffee include cold milk (4 cups), boiling water (1 cup), instant coffee powder (6 teaspoons), cream (4 tablespoons), sugar (depending the individual’s choice) and crushed ice.

2. First you need to boil the water in a pan in high heat. When the water starts boiling, turn off the stove and add the instant coffee powder in the boiled water. Keep it for sometime to cool down.

3. When the coffee mixture gets cold, add the required amount of milk in it and mix them well in a blender machine for sometime. The ingredients should be mingled properly with each other to bring the right flavor.

4. After blending the milk with the coffee, you have to add the cream with it and also the crushed ices to make the mixture cool. Again you have to blend the entire mixture for sometime in the blending machine.

5. When the mixture turns frothy, you know your cold coffee is ready to be served. You can also keep the coffee in the refrigerator for an hour or so for extra chilling. And then serve it to your guests and get appreciated.


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