How to Make Coffee

A cup of coffee means a fresh morning, a warm evening, and coffee break in office. Without a cup of coffee, life would have been so boring. So, let’s know the magic tricks to make a cup of coffee more interesting. Making coffee is not very difficult. However, you have to be artistic to make great coffee. Here are some tips that will help you to make coffee and spread its flavor far, far away. So, from now on, making a cup of coffee will be your cup of tea.

Take some water in a pan (according to the number heads). Heat the water until it becomes warm enough. The water should be heated till it starts boiling.

Then add the coffee into the water. Put needed amount of instant coffee dust in the pan. However, different people like different tastes. Somebody might like very strong coffee and the others might choose mild coffee. So, it will be wiser not to mix the coffee in the pan of water. Rather put the warm water in the cups. And then add coffee in the individual cups, asking the tastes of the people.

Now stir the coffee in the cups for some time, so that no particles are left solid. Make sure that all the particles are dissolved in the cup. It doesn’t look good while serving, if any coffee particles float in the cup of coffee.

If sugar is needed, add the sugar in the individual cups too. And also add milk in the cups. About two-three teaspoons will be needed in the individual cups. Stir the sugar and milk very well in the cups and serve the hot coffees to the friends. To make black coffee, don’t add the milk in the cups and the amount of coffee should also be a little more.


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