How to make classic Roast Turkey

turkey Take a full bird, with the neck and the giblets removed. Wash the turkey well and pat dry. Make sure the meat is fresh and tender and that you have been given a good deal. The insistence on getting a plump, healthy bird makes all the more sense because how sumptuous the dish comes out and how juicy the meat is, depends on how fresh the bird is.

Now, take two cups of salt and rub the insides and outsides of the turkey well. If required, you can make small cuts or incisions on the bird before rubbing the salt on the turkey. Once you have rubbed salt all over, carefully place the bird in a big vessel. Now slowly pour cold water over the bird. Refrigerate this salted bird for at least 12 hours.

The next morning, remove the turkey from the salt brine. Wash it well to remove all the excess salt and again pat dry. Brush the bird with 100 gm of melted butter. For the filling, you can use two chopped onions, two chopped carrots, four stalks of finely chopped celery, tablespoon of freshly ground black pepper, eight cloves of garlic, crushed or minced finely, an inch of finely chopped ginger, a piece of finely shredded cabbage and a handful of finely cut pickled black olives. Mix this filling material well, season with ground pepper and very little salt and fill the cavity of the bird with these vegetables.

Preheat the over at 350 C or till Gas Mark 4 for half an hour. Put the bird in the oven with the breast side down. Roast for about 3 hours. After two hours, gently turn the side of the bird. Brush with butter again. Remove when the temperature at the thigh-end side reads about 180 C. Check using a food thermometer only. Allow to rest for 30 minutes and then carve.


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