How to Make Chocolate Sauce

csu Chocolate sauce is a yummy topping that can be used for increasing the taste of a dish as well as for decorating purposes. A topping of chocolate sauce on ice cream or cake or cookies, makes the dish much more delicious.

Chocolate sauce is a very yummy ingredient especially for any dessert item. The process of making chocolate sauce is also very easy and anybody can make it at home following some simple steps. Here are some very easy tips on how to make chocolate sauce at home.

Check out the suggestions and follow the steps to prepare the delicious homemade  item at your home. Try your hand in it today itself and let your friends and family members be amazed at your work.

1. The ingredients you will require for the preparation of chocolate sauce include chocolate chips, butter, condensed milk, cream, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

2. The first thing you need to do is to take the chocolate chips in a saucepan and melt them over medium heat on a stove. Add the butter with the chocolate chips in the saucepan and stir them well so that they melt together.

3. When the chocolate chips get melted, add the condensed milk with it and keep stirring continuously with a spoon so that the mixture mingles well and no clot is formed. You have to make a smooth chocolate paste.

4. Now you have to add the cream and the vanilla with the mixture. Also add a pinch of salt in it and stir the whole thing for sometime. Cook it in medium heat for at least 5 minutes.

5. When the chocolate sauce is ready, you have to remove the saucepan from the stove and let it cool down. Now, you can serve the chocolate sauce over ice creams or cakes and cookies.


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