How to make Chicken Cucumber Salad

cusalad With the temperatures soaring, it is better to stick to light diets. One should stop consuming red meat, because it is very heavy and in the hot weather, takes a toll on the stomach. Digesting red meat and very spicy food is all the more taxing on the stomach in times when the weather is hot. For these reasons, when the mercury soars, it is best to stick to vegetables and fruits.

In summers, one should have as many fresh vegetables as possible. You can steam these vegetables, sauté them lightly in very little oil. You can use a seasoning of dry (or fresh herbs) and make a salad dressing to add to the taste of this nutritious diet. You can also consume a lot of soups in the summer season. Do not forget to eat a good amount of fresh fruits.

There are many recipes that are ideal to make in hot summer days, however, salads top the list when it comes to nutritious, weight-loss food. This also works the best in summers. Here’s how you can make some great chicken cucumber salad.

Take 250 gm of boneless chicken. Wash well, pat dry and cut into bite sized pieces using a sharp knife. Marinate for 10 minutes using a little pepper and salt. Microwave for 20 minutes and allow to cool.

Take two medium sized cucumbers. Cut these into circular, thin slices. Next, chop one small red onion into cubes. Dice one large tomato. Make a salad dressing by using a tablespoon of olive oil and half a spoonful of vinegar. Use dry herbs like dill weed and dry parsley for flavoring the salad. Mix the vegetables and dressing with chicken pieces and refrigerate.  Store in a non-metal container with the lid covered.   Marinate for 24 hours before serving. However, do not freeze the salad.


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