How to make cheese-chicken baked dish

bch We are often confused with regards to making some easy recipes for a party. We are often hard pressed for time and do not have the energy or inclination to cook elaborate dinners. Here’s when the cheese-chicken baked dish can come to your rescue.

This is an excellent recipe that comes out a sure winner. It is ideal for evening parties or dinners. When made with lots of vegetables and baked to perfection, this cheese-chicken baked dish will certainly earn you a lot of appreciation from your guests.

For this recipe, you need 250 gm of boneless chicken, 100 gram of pasta, 200 gm of cheese, assorted vegetables, ground pepper, and oregano for seasoning.

Take 250 gm of boneless chicken. Wash well, pat dry. Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces using a sharp knife. Marinate for 10 minutes using a little pepper and salt. Microwave for 20 minutes and allow to cool.

Take half a cabbage and shred it well. Blanch this cabbage. Now, take about 200 gm of fresh cauliflower and cut into medium-sized florets. Take one medium sized cucumber and cut into circular, thin slices. Next, chop one small red onion into cubes.

In a baking pan, make a layer of the vegetables using one-third of the vegetables you have. On this layer, spread boiled pasta. Now, spread half a cup of grated cheese. Next, line chicken pieces on this layer. Repeat again, by layering vegetables, pasta and cheese and chicken. While arranging each layer, sprinkle salt, ground pepper and oregano to taste.

Pre-heat the oven at 350 C or Gas Mark 4. Now, cover the baking dish with an aluminum foil and bake for 10 minutes. Your cheese-chicken baked dish is ready. It will prove to be a sumptuous, albeit calorie rich meal. However, you can let yourself go once in a while and this delicious recipe is definitely worth the work-out you would have to do the next day.


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