How to make birthdays really special

birthday2 Birthday.  It is the day when we like to feel loved, cherished, happy, cheerful, lively and content.  As much as we would like to make the day special for our loved ones, we may face dilemma as to how to make it a really happy and memorable event.

Begin with the person’s likes, dislikes, taste, choice and take a decision of gifts or manner of celebrating based on these.  Also consider if you want to give a gift that is more sentimental or practical, personal or useful, and also keep the monetary aspect in mind.

Surprises are a good way to make the day a fun filled and memorable one.  Choose from varieties of flowers and arrange a bouquet to be delivered at the person’s doorstep in the morning.  You could also gift a plant/sapling for tree lovers.  Give a manageable small ornamental fish tank as a unique birthday present.  You could also gift a pack of CDs with latest hits, pop songs or classical songs to music lovers.

Treat them to a blockbuster movie by either going to a theatre or bringing in the DVD at home.  Treat food lovers to a new cuisine prepared by yourself or available at a convenient restaurant.  If possible arrange for birthday songs to be played at the restaurant to give a personal touch and special feeling.  Order a delightful tasty desert to add sweetness to the event.

If you wish to let the person make his/her own choice, gift them vouchers to shop at branded outlets, retail stores or restaurants.  A sponsored short trip or vacation with friends or family to a favoured destination can also be a unique and special gift.

A party at home with close friends, family and colleagues can bring a warm, loved and pleasant touch to the event.  Pool in your resources, decorate the house, bring in the favourite cake, light up the candles, blow the ballons, put on the music and get that precious smile on your loved ones’ face.

Show them that you love and care.  It will make the day truly happy and special for them.


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