How to make best out of the waste?

bestt In the present world where we have cutthroat competition in almost all the fields, it is difficult to survive as a common man! You got to have something that is extraordinary or something so special. This ‘special factor’ should come right from the childhood and if you have missed this feel-good factor, let us now try onto your kid so that they do not suffer the challenges as you might have in your past life!

Let us learn how to make best out of the waste! The idea behind this is very simple – to make something that is creative and can draw everybody’s attention. Generally, schools and colleges are coming up with such projects that make pupils learn how to make best out of the waste!

To create something, the pupil should have enthusiasm. This can be developed by encouraging the spirit of doing something new, exciting! Parents and friends play major role in this. Let your kid understand that everything waste is not actually waste and it can be used to make things best.

Simple example is the ice-candy sticks. They can simply be collected and made into some shape –maybe a ship or some tree. Likewise, you can also collect some marbles and gift wrapper pieces that can be very useful in decorating XMas Tree.

There are many things you can make out of waste match-sticks. You can make dolls, ships, animals etc out of matchsticks using glue or any adhesive. Do not throw out your used copies and notebooks. Use the papers to make something creative. You can make innumerable items out of papers such as an artificial snowman, decoration on the walls on some festivals and birthday parties etc.

You can also use your old clothes and other apparels to make Halloween Costumes. You can simply paint them all black with some funny characters on apparels and masks to make the festival enjoyable and exciting.

The creativity lies in your sight and you are the one who needs to use it, keep going, and keep celebrating your waste making best!


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