How to make beef sandwich

beef Sandwich is an all-time favorite item. Who doesn’t like to have a mouthful of freshly made sandwich? It is easy to make, requires very less ingredients and can make for a filling food in no time. Beef sandwich will satisfy your hunger like no other item can because it is so wholesome and filling. To make beef sandwich is extremely easy too.

With a few basic ingredients, you can make a filling snack for your family. Here are the recipe: ½ kg ground lean beef, one onion, sliced, one cucumber, peeled and sliced, cupful of shredded lettuce, four cheese slices, and salt to taste, ground pepper and tomato ketchup. Take a freshly baked loaf of bread.

Take lean beef. Cut it into small pieces and ground in a mixer. Microwave this ground beef for 20 minutes. Cool. Cut the loaf into two neat halves. You can either lightly toast the slices before making the sandwich. However, when using cheese, you can heat the prepared sandwich in oven for ten minutes after preparing the sandwich. Melted cheese will make your beef sandwich all the more yummy.

To prepare the sandwich filling, line two cheese slices on one side of a bread loaf. Then make a layer of shredded lettuce. Next, add a layer of onions. After onions, add slices of peeled cucumber. You can also use pickled zucchini instead of cucumber. Sprinkle a little salt to taste on this spread of lettuce, onions, cucumber. Grind 1 teaspoon of pepper and sprinkle this on the vegetable bed. This side of the sandwich is ready.

On the other side of the loaf, line two cheese slices. On this, arrange a thick layer of ground beef. Press this side onto the side of fresh vegetables and cheese arranged on the other loaf slice. Pre-heat the oven at 350 C. Bake the sandwich for 10 minutes.


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