How to Make Basundi

basundi Basundi is a very delicious dessert that is made by boiling and reducing milk. In India, especially north India and in the state of Maharashtra, this dessert is very popular. Children love this dish and it is often prepared on special occasions. When served with hot puris, it tastes even better but you can have it just like that. Find out how to make basundi.

Ingredients for Basundi

In order to make basundi, you need three cups of full cream milk, one cup of sugar, quarter teaspoon of cardamom powder, three tablespoon of whipped cream, some strands of saffron, and one teaspoon of slivered almonds for garnishing. You can increase or decrease the amount of sugar that you want for this dish.

Directions for Making Basundi

Soak the saffron strands in hot milk for a few minutes. Choosing a thick bottomed pan for preparing this recipe is very essential. Thus, you need to heat milk in such a pan in the first place. Make sure that the heat is medium. If the heat is high then the milk will spill over.

Allow the milk to cook for about twenty minutes and by this time it will reduce to half its volume. At this stage, you have to add the sugar. You can also use powdered sugar. Keep stirring until all the sugar dissolves well in the reduced milk.

Finally you have to add the whipped cream. It is because of the cream that the dish tastes heavenly. You will find that the consistency of the basundi becomes very thick. After turning off the heat you need to add the almonds and cardamom powder. You can serve it either cold or hot. However, many people love it best when it is chilled.

Even if the dish sounds highly calorific, there is no harm in indulging once in while. If you are very conscious about maintaining your weight you can taste just a couple of spoons.


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