How to make an impressive resume

res Your resume is your first professional contact with the organization you apply for a job with.  It speaks a lot about you as a person, your skills, your inclination and seriousness to take up the job and your suitability for the post applied for.  In many ways a resume creates the first impression about you, and is your introduction to the prospective employer.  So it is important to present the resume well. 

Follow a standard format.  Do not invent your own new style.  Mention your name and contact details correctly.  Avoid typing errors or interchanging of numbers.  Remember to update your age in your resume.

Mention your educational qualifications beginning with the highest or most recent qualification held and move backwards.  Mention the university or college name, year of passing and specialization chosen.  They are very important components for the company to decide whether you are eligible for the position you are applying for.

Have a clear objective, goal and mission.  Mention it in 2-3 lines in your resume.  It should mention your interest/skills and how you would utilize it for the benefit of the organization you intend to work for.  Have a clear idea about what you want to do and let it reflect on your resume.

If you have working experience, start with the current job and then move backwards.  Mention the name of the company, duration of work, job profile and responsibilities undertaken.  Highlight points that you feel will add weightage and are relevant to the position you are applying for.  Highlight your achievements and awards earned in the company you worked with.

Do not underestimate the value of your extra curricular activities and hobbies.  Mention the hobbies you follow, your inclination towards music, writing, creative work and so on.  Do not be hesitant to write about any unique skill you possess.

Do mention references and correct contact details at the end of the resume.  Choose a person who knows you well and can give a balanced and correct feedback about you.


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