How to make an Acne diet?

acn Acne is one of the most common problems that people belonging to the age group of 13-35 suffer.  It is not due to the creams or lotion that you apply on your face but your body reflects what you eat . 

Unhygienic oils contained in the junk food that most of the youngster consume everyday produces toxins and harmful chemicals inside of our body that makes the blood into your and results into acne.

Acne is hard to fight with and it takes days or even months to cure it completely. You can resist acne by taking various diets. The first diet is fruit diet.
Fruits are essential source of various vitamins and antioxidants.

1.     You can eat any amount of fruits and vegetables as they do not contain high calories and helps your body to achieve the requisite nutrition of the day. Vitamins help to fulfill various deficiencies inside the body.

2.     Fruits can be beneficial if used externally on the skin but give best results when eaten raw. They are rich source of fiber and juice. They help to improve digestion of your body and help to flush off unwanted chemicals and toxins.

3.      Fruits when eaten raw have much more benefits than taken in the form of juice because juice decreases the fiber content and hence many of the essential minerals stored in it go waste. You must include fruits in your diet and take them on regular basis.

4.     Fruits are healthy form of food and contain antioxidants which impart resistance to your body to fight against various infection and germs. You can choose among various fruits like Orange, apple, pear, strawberries and peaches. Try to include juicy fruits in your diet and stay away from clumsy non juicy fruits as they will not make much of a difference in you body.

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