How to Make Almond and Plum Crumble Cake

pck Do you want to bake a cake for your kids? If you want to surprise them with a special and delicious treat then you can find out how to make almond and plum crumble cake.

You can also invite your kids’ friends so that they can enjoy your wonderful cake. Since it has the goodness of plums and almonds, the cake is a healthy option for your kids.

Ingredients for Almond and Plum Crumble Cake

In order to prepare almond and plum crumble cake you need one cup of brown sugar, three eggs, half cup of almond meal, one-third cup of sour cream, quarter cup of self-raising flour, 125 grams of butter, half cup of plain flour, one teaspoon of ground cinnamon, one-third cup of flaked almonds, and six ripe and firm plums. You also need these extra ingredients. Make sure you have 40 grams of chopped butter, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, and one-third cup of plain flour.

Directions for Making Almond and Plum Crumble Cake

Firstly you should preheat your oven to about 180°C. Take a round cake pan of 20cm diameter. Grease it and line its sides and the base. With the help of an electric beater you have to whip the sugar, cinnamon, and butter in a medium sized bowl so that you get a creamy and light mixture.

Now one by one you need to add the eggs. After each addition you should beat well so that the ingredients get combined. You should also add sour cream, almond meal, and the combined flours, one at a time.

Pour this mixture into the pan and flatten the surface. Place one layer of plums over the batter. Now mix the extra sugar and flour in a bowl. Add the flaked almonds. Dust this on top of the plums. You need to bake for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Cool and enjoy.


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