How to make a partnership in business?

bpt Partnership is often beneficial in any kind of business because you get a helping hand in terms of money.  Partnerships also allow you to divide the rewards and risk associated with the business.

Also you get the flexibility to have someone to look up to your business when you are out of the town or are busy somewhere else.  Partnership has its own advantages and disadvantages according to the kind of business you are into.  In this article you are learn how you can get into a partnership.

Step one

Get all the state, Federal and local permits and licenses.  You can also contact a small business administration in your locality to investigate about the permits that you will be requiring in order to get into a partnership.

Step two

Register your company name in the locality or county where your partner is doing his business.  Also get a fictitious certificate of the business name.

Step three

You will also require to obtain an employer identification number through the IRS.

Step four

You should also obtain an ID number through the state department of revenue or some other state or governmental office in your locality.  You can search the small business administration to find an appropriate office near your area.

Step five

You must make a written agreement detailing all your financial details between the partners and business.  Everything that you will be distributing and dividing among the partners must be written in pen and paper form and must be obtained by each and every partner.

All the responsibilities, obligations and rights of the individual partners must be written explicitly.  Instead of getting a written agreement you must involve the services of the Attorney making this document.

Step six

Take the assistance for preparing income tax file returns, financial statements and profit and loss statement before you can prepare it on your own.

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