How to Make a Homemade Hammock

Imagine warm summer days and think of an idea of spending time doing nothing. The hot weather may make you feel dull and worn out. Neither an idea of staying inside the house sounds convincing nor does the thought of going outside excite you. However, in such a scenario the one thing that may lighten your spirits is spending leisure time in a homemade hammock. You can simply pick a book and give it a reading or take a relaxing nap lying in the hammock.

So are you ready for this? Don’t worry! If you don’t have a hammock, you can always build one and enjoy summer in the best possible way. To know how to make a homemade hammock and make summers absolute fun, follow the tips given below.

1. You need to locate a spot where you can make your hammock. It is important that the spot has 2 trees with about 12 to 15 feet gap between them. Also remember that big trees give best support.

2. You will have to measure distance between the 2 trees to get an idea of the size and amount of canvas and rope that are required. Usually for a medium size hammock three and half yards of canvas is sufficient. You can decide on the amount of rope by measuring the distance between the trees. Basically, you may have to buy 3 lengths of hammock cord for both the side.

3. Once the canvas and rope are bought, you are required to fold up the corners of the canvas around 3 inches. After the folding is done, you need to stitch the ends of the canvas with the help of a sewing machine to make end flaps. When the flaps are ready, just tuck a three inch by four foot dowel pin in the flaps.

4. Next you need to put 2 inch eyehooks on all the dowels on an equal distance from one another. When this is done, you need to break 6 lengths of rope and put one corner of it into an eye hook. Make square knots. The same activity you will have to repeat for all the rope lengths and 6 eye hooks.

5. You would now take 3 inch rings and tuck them on each side of the trees. Make sure that the rings you have put on the trees are high enough. Otherwise, your hammock may touch ground once you get in it.

6. Now you have almost reached the last steps towards building a homemade hammock. You are required to twist the corner of the rope lengths on the either end of the hammock and pass the braided portion of the rope through the eyehook tucked in tree. Make square knot to fix it and follow the entire process for the other side too.


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